Annual Meeting Call

SMAAC Annual Meeting to be “Virtual.”

By-law Article III, Section 1: An Annual Meeting of SMAAC Members shall be held each year for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors and for such other business as may become before the meeting.

The Annual Meeting shall be held at a time and place designated by the President.

Now therefore, the Annual Meeting of SMAAC Members is called with this AGENDA:

1: To convene on-line ​at  November 28, 2020;

2: Open for nominations for Director​s for at least 5 business days;

3: Nominees for Director by Seat (and Term) will be posted for      

for comments by 2020-2021 Members;

 ​4. Board Elections will be by Seat (Term) as noted [JOIN --BOARD]                

5. The 2020 Board Chair will Adjourn the Annual Meeting and        

convene a Board of Directors Meeting.

--James R. Spensley, President and Board Chair


Member ​​Registration: This Annual Meeting of Members  means (individuals, households or groups) properly registered at or certified by the Board in 2020 or paying 2021 dues after November 1, 2020 can vote or participate. Members can nominate themselves and non-members can suggest or endorse a nominee on-line. Membership is also certified by the SMAAC Treasurer upon receipt of dues off-line and your Member status is recorded on-line as soon as possible after you register.

2021 Board Registration: The By-Laws specify that to be elected or serve as a Director (Board Member) you must be a Member of SMAAC duly registered at Your 2020 dues make you a current member through the. Annual Meeting or any continuation of the 2020 Annual Meeting. If you register and pay your membership dues any time after this Call, you are a 2021 Member and eligible to vote in the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings, and to serve as a Director or manage a budgeted project assigned by the Board.  

2021 Board and Officers: The By-Laws state that the Board of Directors operates and control the Association, conducts the Annual Meeting to elect a Board with 3 to 9 Members and consider other matters, such as audits or Amendments to the By-Laws. The new Board of Directors will hold an organizing meeting after the Annual Meeting to elect Officers and assume responsibility. 

Registered Members can access records and lists and contact other members using the web-site. Some web-site pages are displayed to and may be commented on by a signed-in Visitor: the Board election ballot page is not, but the Nominations Page may be because our Members may be recommended for a Board seat by an airline union, an environmental group, an elected official etc. and elected if there is no conflict of interest. 

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