Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the legal and business affairs of the South Metro Airport Action Council (Association, Corporation), elects Officers, makes policies, conducts activities, and conserves Association assets in accordance with the corporate bylaws.

Member-years since 2008 are November to November. Custom is that dues paid after November 1 apply for Membership (eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Corporation later in November) and the Annual Meeting the following November.

At the Annual Meeting, the Membership elects 3 expiring board positions by electing Directors for three year terms, and may also fill vacancies, resulting in a Board of Directors of at least five and, at most, nine. Each Director's Term begins upon election at or after an Annual Meeting an ends when a new Director is elected by the Members at an Annual Meeting or by the Board of Directors. The Board may declare and fill vacancies.

By-Laws provide for open Board meetings and for Member participation in Board meetings and activities as committee Chairs. All Directors must be current-year Members of the Association.

  1. James R. Spensley, President
  2. Ron Lischeid, Treasurer
  3. Sara Strozk
  4. Scott Benson
  5. Vacant


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