Caucus .2022.

It seems important that government bodies --at every level and branch --know that Commercial Aviation is a major source of Green House Gases causing Climate Change. An estimate for 2019 was 6+% of total U.S. emissions by equivalent carbon dioxide volume/mass. 

Also, that the industry, supposedly managed by the FAA in the United States and by International Treaties, is seldom regulated. One reason is that actual fuel consumption, the best way to measure emissions, is not reported. (Atmospheric sampling is very expensive and does not identify sources.) 

Please down-load the Draft Caucus and Convention resolution and submit it. 


There are 3 general ways to slow or reverse global warming: simply stated, 1] Balance the storage and release of carbon into the atmosphere or 2] Reduce energy consumption, or 3] Use energy sources that do not release carbon into the environment. The White Paper (below) addresses the fact that a significant amount of GHG and carbon particulates were released,  2015 to 2019, compared to 2005 completing the same number of trips and cargo deliveries. That increase [2] obviously can be reversed.


The White Paper (below) addresses the fact that [1], Sustainability, is untimely and expensive. Net zero carbon generally, and particularly for aviation, will take decades, at best, and depend in the end on Plan [2] and [3] sharing much of the annual reduction in emissions.