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Here's our view:
FAA departments are isolated. 
1. Next Gen has been, at best, slow and often changes course on goals, schedules, airlines do not always cooperate (e.g. ADS-B) and the deployments to airports and TRACON are much varied;
2. ATC operations --facing daily pressures and generally understaffed --focuses on realtime work at airport towers (for example, "efficiency policy") to get those suckers landed ASAP and accidents happen directly and indirectly in the mix; 
3. various inspections  issues (737 MAX, maintenance schedules stretched, multiple avionics versions, aging factors, etc.), out-sourcing inspections and airworthiness design and testing functions, and more; 
4. Management, where the airlines lobby and work together (collusion on schedules and fares) and deal with employees (pilots, unions), airports and FAA (directly or indirectly) in their own/industry interests;
5. Planning, where fifteen years after the recession, the NAS en route network is little changed, but has half or less connecting hubs exacerbating peak-hour planning issues (capapcity andschedules) fuel is wasted and polltion increased, and airport and airport airspace safety is unnecessarily complicated.

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