Mayor Frey appoints Leili Fatehi to MAC

An attorney and environmentalist from the neighborhood was a good choice as the Mayor's appointment to the Metropolitan Airports Commission. In his answers to the 2017 SMAAC Survey of Mayoral candidates, Mayor Frey pledged that he would work with SMAAC on MSP issues and demand more open and accessible meetings of the MAC commission and its standing committees.

SMAAC members wanted a neighborhood activist that would connect MSP operations -- routes, airline schedules --safety and carbon emissions (climate change) with City health and economics. Also, the Mayor's commissioner should oppose noise mitigation-not-reduction policies and negotiate a closure of the Consent Degree so that overflight pollution in all of its ugly forms can be openly addressed in a long-term plan for air transportation in the State and Metro.

When citizens protest its pending decisions, the MAC too often huddles behind its staff to delay consideration. The probably illegal and certainly unwise 5-year delay of the MSP LTCP Update is a pretty clear signal that openess and transparency policies are pretty scarce at the MAC.

Please comment on this piece to start a discussion with Commissioner Fatehi and the District Commissioners.  The people living under frequently lower and louder overflights not only suffer. but are made to finance the suffering through high O&D fares when they or local businesses travel.

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