Minnesota Platform Caucus Resolution

Drafted by the South Metro Airport Action Council

2020 DFL Platform Plank Resolution

County Unit _______ Precinct ______ Ayes _____ Nays _______


Minnesota Commercial Aviation:

Public Health and Safety

and Environmental Reviews


Whereas the Federal Aviation Administration at MSP International Airport  modified air traffic control procedures after the September 2010 near-mid-air collision over Richfield in a way that increased Controller staff attention, and

Whereas industry influence and politics caused FAA staff reductions in GFY 2010-2012 that affected MSP  and led to high rate arrival options less likely to be coordinated year-to-year and more likely to use routes that upset  local airport zoning and land use understandings , and

Whereas present FAA and EPA aviation policies are disjoint, conflicting, and overly partisan, and

Whereas the State process for considering MSP  air services capacity has been delayed for several years and is not scheduled for Public Hearings before the 2020 elections., and

Whereas Re-scheduling operations (using larger aircraft, as now forecasted) to best balance arrivals and departures and avoid adding emergencies also would reduce GHG and other pollution per flight. And

Whereas by law, the official Finding that GHG emissions from commercial aviation is a public health threat should initiate Rule-making, the t e Trump Administration’s refuses to proceed is malfeasance that must not be ignored by our cities or our Legislators or our Governor,  and

Whereas State health and environmental policy only applies obliquely to commercial aviation, making legislative oversight of MSP International Airport indirect, via Met Council , and

Whereas the power of the purse is lacking since “airport revenues” fund MSP Airport. but appropriations and taxes related to airports is substantial (highway and other connections, State-backed bonds, Fort Snelling State Park, tourism and business promotion and economics), and

Whereas under IR majorities, thin reports, no questions and no appearances other than the Metropolitan Airports Commission were the rule, questions about safety are unanswered and the 2015 update is now scheduled to be released for public hearings in October 2020., no environmental review is programmed —State law requires no specific air pollution environmental worksheets and little information about runway-use rates is forthcoming, but higher rates are known to be more polluting and less safe. —no reliable information is available about deployment of new GPS, navigation, air traffic control or safety technology (Next Gen).

Now therefore let it be resolved that endorsees  for the Minnesota Legislaure must

Take a strong stand against global warming by restoring legislative oversight  and by ordering and funding the Met Council, the MPCA, the EQB and the MAC to implement public review of health, safety and environmental risks at State airports.

Candidates for Representative should be drafting bills encompassing Executive Order 19-37

Governor Walz and Lt. Gov. Flanagan should be applauded for their leadership on GHG reduction.


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