MSP 2019 Capital Improvements Set

For 2011 through 2017 at MSP "improvement" projects were approved and facilities built at MSP without updating the need for and purposes of many airfield and terminal facilities changes.  Clues remain that passenger arrivals per hour are anticipated for two reasons: slightly larger aircraft and more flights arriving per hour (more than FAA currently considers safe, and more than can be accepted without accumulating aircraft at MSP).

MSP officials told SMAAC that, this year, a Draft Long-Range Comprehensive Plan Update and the Capital Improvments Plan as funded for 2020 and planned for 2021-26 will be reviewed by Met Council. Perhaps some internal agreemen tresolving the Converging Runway Operations safety order --maximum operations per hour in two flows, ground traffic and aircraft accumulation resulting from consecutive high-rate-hours in the same flow --has been reached with FAA and airlines.

A furteh complication for the MSP LTCP seems to be emerging: plans are based on forecasted passenger/flight "demand." No doubt, faults in the Boeing and FAA aircraft safety cetifications for the B-737 MAX 800, 900 revealed after the two disasters are a foreboding issue in polls about air travel plans.  A new forecasting method was introduced for capacity planning in about 2012, without considering economic demand in the Metro, or the local-connecting passenger ratio, or lower public confidence in safe air travel.

So there is a lot to consider, we hope openly.  It would be better if the MAC and Met Council insisted on openly planning flights with more attention to costs and public health and safety risks.  

SMAAC several times asked Governor Dayton to intervene and see that the over-due Public Hearing before Met Council was held.  The Governor's commitments to transparency were in this case mislaid. We also advised the City of Minneapolis to clarify its comments on MSP Capital Improvement Plan and budgets for 2014 to 2019, if any.  The MAC accepts written comments each year, but the details are summarized by staff for the PDE Committee. The comments submitted by cities and 'interested parties" were "considered internally"for the 2019-2025 MSP Capital Improvement Plan.  It remains a mystery how the projects proposed for 2017-2019 were "approved or exempted from Met Council review without a recent update of the Transportation Policy Plan.

For the 2010 LTCP update, clarifications and discussions in public meetings resulted in conditions included in the Update, including scheduling the next update for 2014-2015 hearings. 

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  • Forum Manager
    commented 2019-01-22 10:11:03 -0600
    NEAR-MSP families, schools and businesses have been suffering more from fewer overflights since 2011 because concencrated air traffic patterns are lower, slower and more varied. There is no record of hearings or publications about the changes in flight operations and schedules that led to the 2014 safety warning on runway conflicts or its long-term impacts.

    If the Mayors and Governor don’t act neither will the old or new MAC Commissioners. A few Legislators and SMAAC are trying to penetrate the political fog that results from the false sense that overflight noise is local an being “mitigsted.”
    I think GHG and particulate emissions, airport costs and inconvience, and health and safety are City, State and Federal responsibilities —to be raised as future campaign and endorsement issues. T

    The MAC, by silence and obscurity, escapes blame for delayed planning and future unmet needs despite laws, rules and policies about open meetings, Metro cooperation and hidden objectives. Delta and its lobbyists provide cover for elected officials —we citizens let them. We need to individually and together engage with Senators, Representatives and the Governor.
  • Smaac Forum Panel
    commented 2019-01-06 11:45:30 -0600
    We are trying to update Gov. Elect Walz and Legislators about the MAC/MetCouncil lack of a LTCP and enviroonmental hearing. Anyone have direct contact with Walz or his transistion team?