MSP Impacts on Public Health and Welfare

AIR POLLUTION: There has been no attention to green-house gas (GHG) or sub-micron particulate emissions from MSP flight operations since 2015: by the MAC or the FAA.  Environmental Assessments at MSP have been delayed despite the FAA/EPA Finding in 2014 that Commecial Aviation produces 14% of all US GHG emissions. Additionally, MSP capacity is being expanded per-hour at a high cost and involves maneuvers and flight automation in the vicinity that burn more fuel per operation (than at less-busy hours) causing more GHG/flight as well as unique carbon particulates that are blown around. 

Studies show an alarming increase in health and mortality risks near busy airports.  

ECONOMICS: The postponement of the MSP LTCP Update  (4 years overdue) postpones the FAA's assessments of future needs and impacts. The update is reviewed by Met Council using a Public Hearing with testimony about economic benefits (or negatives) and environmental impacts. 

This is a sorry state of affairs and hides safety risks and high costs (likely both) from the public and the Legislature.  According to MAC senior staff, MSP capital improvements assume a change in arrivals per hour and aircraft sizes extending the 2015-16 Draft Long-Term Comprehensive Plan: the dates and numbers are "a basis" for capital budgets dealing with expensive terminal improvements for hourly passenger uses as well as airfield improvements.  The FAA and the airlines using MSP lack any believeable schedule for deploying the air traffic control and associated cockpit electronics supporting more runway operations per hour.

ACTION; The MAC just patted itself on the back for being rated a "top airport:" the press release was carelessly cited by media. The terminal improvements were impressive (and expensive), but mainly inside security to support peak-hour passenger congregations.

The recent Federal continuing-authorization extended FAA funding though September 20, 2018.  The FAA, however, has not changed the MSP Converging runway operations or programed Next Gen deployment to MSP.  Consequently, MAC planning for GFY 2019 is uninformed as to maximum hourly operations and runway use.

Are neighbors, cities, Legislators, US Reps and Senators -- and the Governor who appoints the MAC and public health and enviromental protection officials -- doing anything                  about this?

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