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The South Metro Airport Action Council addresses operation of Minneapolis-Sr. Paul International Airport (MSP) as air travelers and neighbors. 

The Council is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt corporation as of 2020. We primarily operate on-line these days at

and we provide web services for:

AVIATION WATCH --a national blog reporting local actions, observations and reports by neighborhood citizens groups across the USA; and 

The SPECIAL METRO AIRPORTS ANALYSIS CENTER --a technical group founded by longtime Council Members to deal with national air traffic control and automated flight issues (such as Next Gen). The Center re-published a White Paper Air Traffic Control at Major Hub Airports and Metroplexes and is lobbying Congress (and FAA) to re-plan routes in the National Airspace System to reduce congestion at peak-hours at hub airports. Importantly, this would reduce safety-risks and GHG emissions per flight.

Our mission is to make Minnesota air service affordable, environmentally sound, safe and sufficient.  

The nfp corporation is governed by a Board of Directors elected by dues-paid Members. Dues are curently $15 for a 13 month period from November 1 until Nov 30 of the following year. We apply a $3 handling fee for first-year enrollment via PayPal. 

The By-Laws specify an Annual Meeting of the Members in November if there are Board vacancies or other business. The By-Laws also allow Board elections on-line or at special election meetings of the Board and Members. Notice is required by email to registerants at the above website (only). Current year Dues are assumed to be included in any donation over $15 net.


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