Survey: MN5 Congress Candidates

Your vote in the DFL Primary Election for United States Representative in the Fifth Congressional District needs to be fully informed. We will be replacing a Representative who has worked with SMAAC and FAA to escalate unresolved safe capacity and schedule issues at MSP during Federal development and deployment of Next Gen and PRB/RNAV systems.

It is an uncompleted task.

The Forum is open at 

and if you are registered here you can log-in there. Ou ratings published before the Primary Election.



The Start-Up: Using the information on the filing forms we telephoned, left voice mails, texted, emailed or left messages on a webpage for every candidate. Some campaigns never responded, which speaks loudly about their slim chance of being elected. Air transportation safety, affordability, noise and pollution so far have not been mentioned, must less elaborated, by the candidates. We sent or mentioned tentative blog topics, previously posted here in an announcement of the SMAAC Forum.  

We cited the URL,, as a resource.  As many know, we cite numerous MAC, FAA, NTSB, EPA and other online sources. Depending on how many people register to post comments, we may add a "poll" rating the candaites near election day  Good, Acceptable or Unacceptable.  SMAAC seeks to inform the field well and have lots of Good candidates in the race. 

The Questions we sent out to participating candidates about their intended attention to MSP and National Airspace Systems (NAS) impacts on the economy and the environment if elected

"Air pollution: The FAA/EPA Finding (2015), that commercial aviation contributes 14% of all US greenhouse gases emissions, by law should be considered for Regulations but has not.  The Trump administration has not argued against the Finding, but doubts, apparently, that atmospheric pollution causes global warming. What will you do?

"Wasted Money: Next Gen specifications have several times been revised and extended; most Next Gen contracts have been over-run and delayed; airline, airport and FAA plans remain uncoordinated and unnegotiated. FAA is not funded after September 30, 2018. At several airports, including MSP, the NTSB warning about the safety risks of converging runway operations is considered negotiable. What will you do to settle MSP plans and NAS schedules before a serious accident?

"Economic Growth: After airline failures and mergers in the recession, a piecewise restoration of air transportation capacity and service has resulted in poorer service and higher fares --and a different and inequitable economic recovery. [At MSP, the FAA CRO safety order "suspending" some R35 arrivals remains in effect, but plans are being made to revise it --someday --and settle on more automated routes.  Mr. Ellison was engaged in Washington because the MAC facilities and operational plans depend heavily on FAA decisions and schedules.  It appears that $billions have been spent at or for MSP as if the day and details of the maximum hourly capacity and safety risks are known —but this is probably wrong.  

"What will you do to limit hourly over-scheduling at connecting hubs (near-monopolies) and collusion on routes, fares and services by airlines? What did you do as a State Legislator or citizen about this?

"Aviation Safety: GPS navigation systems and digital communications from aircraft to FAA surveillance centers were combined to allow more flights en route from airport to airport than the routes and radars used in 2007. The next step, more runway use in low-visibility conditions to match landing more flights to en route traffic increases, is unresolved. Managing safety risks is complicated by more scheduled (hourly) use of runways at airline hubs and in multiple-airport areas (Metroplexes). The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FAA limits maximum hourly use of runways and inbound traffic densities due to safety risksWhat should be done about this?"


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  • Forum Manager
    commented 2018-07-23 08:17:43 -0500
    To tentatively answer questions about how the Forum will proceed:
    1. These posts, annoncements and emails are ABOUT the Forum to come.
    2. The current plan is to OPEN THE FORUM with candidate answers and candidates comments on each other’s answers already posted for public review and questions —imagine a typtical candidate forum: short presentation, short rebuttal, then questions from the “floor.”
    3. If you have questions on a topic, submit them and they will be added. As usual, the less well-informed candidates will dissemble rather than answer [“An interesting question, what do you think is the best approach?”
    4. IF THERE IS TIME, we will offer a quick poll of public viewers.
    5. We hope for all "GOOD’ on these issues and intentions, and we think no answers as well as poor answers are an unacceptable intention —let aviation-related economic, health and safety, and open-governance problems fester.