2018 Forum Report

The Online Forum has been modified.

SMAAC' s Survey and Candidate Answers drew attention to ongoing MSP plan-implementations and Federal actions.

The SMAAC Board and the Forum volunteers appreciate attention the DFL Nominee and practically the Representative-Elect, Ilhan Omar, gave to the Forum.  She seems to share our goal for MSP flight operations capacity: safe, sufficient, affordable and environmentally sound.  [The Republican Nominee was asked to participate but did not.]

At this time, and perhaps longer depending on US House elections go in other states, actions in pursuit of this goal in Washington will be helped or hindered by the terms of and appropriations for FAA in the Re-authorization bill, if passed.  It seems likely that less--than-clear aviation policy will prevail in the Re-authorization or a continuing resolution. 


SMAAC hopes that MSP and National Airspace System planning positions are debated in Statewide campaigns. We may extend the 2018 Forum and will publish on-line news about that! 

Many cities and neighborhoods are protesting operational changes on cost and public health and safety grounds. In many cases, Courts are being petitioned to enforce municipal and State agreements with FAA and compliance with environmental findings. A central theme is renewing or modifying airport capacity and runway use plans with public and local and State government. As at MSP, the need for and scheduling of Next Gen air traffic control and automated flight routes for the purpose of increasing maximum hourly capacity require, by Federal Law and Rules, a long-term capacity plan

However, others are only addressing "airport noise."  SMAAC suspects that airlines directly or indirectly support various proposals for "noise mitigation" as a distraction.  Noise and pollution (by fuel consumption) are greater per flight near maximum hourly capacity and hourly capacity increases are costly as a result of reduced airline competition, facilities costs and operations.

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