Important DFL Caucus Resolutions

Please review the attached forms and introduce them at your DFL precinct caucus. If you are not attending the DFL Caucus, but are concerned about proper Legislative procedures --not secret deals negotiated by Party leaders or lobbies --take the Open Government and Climate Change Resolution to other caucuses and ask your State Legislature and Congressional District candidates:

If they knew of the MetC and MAC Charter Changes or the misuse of Airport Revenues and other Federal grants --not legally spent or shared according to an approved Long-Term Plan since 2014?

If they intend to reinstate laws to separate the Administrative, Policy-making, and Judicial powers. in the Constitution(s)?

If they intend to wait indefinitely to slow climate change, pollution, and public health and safety risks associated with hub airport routes and schedules when these risks could be reduced 20% by changes in en route National Airspace System management?

Thank you for your attention. Please take advantage of NEWS BLOG: Add a Comment; Ask your Legislator about the issues; Encourage them and others to comment.



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