2018 SMAAC Forum News

After a longer than expected design and survey phase, we were ready August 3rd for the 4 participating Candidates to post their "Opening Statements" and open the Forum to the public.  The Forum "went live" on Sunday. We issued a Public Announcement to 50 media outlets (TV, Radio, Newspapers and on-line publishers) and notified over 700 members and followers by email.

Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, Frank Drake, Ilhan Omar, and Patricia Torres-Ray submitted statements by email, and we asked for confirmation that the sender was delegated by the candidate.  The  Forum Website is 


After considering the candidates' statements and the public reactions for a week, a panel will rate the candidates as having GOOD, ACCEPTABLE or UNACCEPTABLE intentions to support efforts to modify the National Airspace System plans and policies as proposed by SMAAC and other citizens' groups and local government units.  

Simply stated the solution is to directly or indirectly realign routes and hubs to shorten city-hub-city trips and reduce congestion at major hubs.  Flight capacity was re-arranged following airline mergers in 2008 to 2012 and consolidation of connecting hubs.

The Federal Government has invested billions of dollars in Next Gen and related technologies, but the en route implementation creating more routes also created congestion and additional systems at many airports.  In Metoplexes and major hub cities, Next Gen is not likely to add hourly safe capacity --closer sep--arations, shorter intevals and affordable airport facilities and services --as was planned for economic growth prijections. The national airspace system is now in a completely different situation economically, environmentally and ecconomically.  This needs to be recognized.

The South Metro Airport Action Council (SMAAC) Forum better inform cndidates and voters in the US Fifth Congressional District about key aviation issues. The  filed candidates were invited to discuss aspects of this question.

MSP Airport is symptomatic of safety risks, air pollution, high costs and poor passenger service in the National Air Space System. What will you be doing about that if you are elected to Congress for the Minnesota Fifth District?

 Mr. Ellison was engaged in Washington because the MAC facilities and operational plans depend heavily on FAA decisions and schedules.  SMAAC is concerned about losing Rep. Ellison’s leadership on commercial aviation problems exhibited by MSP and National Airspace Systems (NAS):


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