Air Pollution Again Linked to Health and Mortality Risk

"At a time when the Trump administration is moving to delay and dismantle air quality regulations, a new study suggests that air pollution continues to cut Americans’ lives short, even at levels well below the legal limits set by the (EPA)."

The analysis found no sign of a “safe” level of pollution "below which the risk of dying early tapered off."

See the LA Times story at

Another big-N study --60 million people were subjects. The study found evidence of a significantly increased risk of premature death from long-term exposure to ozone and fine particulates.

Reading the story, well recalled the LAX study by University of Southern California scientists that found ultrafine particulates were prodiced in jet engines and spead over neighborhoods under the LAX flight paths East of the large, busy airport.

Harvard scientists "calculated that reducing fine particle pollution by 1 microgram per cubic meter nationwide would save about 12,000 lives each year." would be saved annually."

Also, "lowering ozone pollution by 1 part per billion" would save "another 1,900 lives" annually.  This might be because of its role in global warming as a GHG.  

All quotes are from the LA Times story.

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  • Forum Manager
    commented 2018-01-05 11:30:02 -0600
    Ms. McLauirn makes a useful point: population increases increase air pollution and also increase the demand for air travel.
    The airport commission reasonably should use demographic projections (where people will live, how much they will travel by air) for long-term planning —but it doesn’t.
  • Forum Manager
    commented 2018-01-05 11:22:46 -0600
    Comments on its Aircraft Noise Complaint and Inquiry System (Noise

    Portal) were closed 2 Jan 2018.

    SMAAC and numerous other citizens’ groups agree that the Noise Portal is a airline “ploy to direct (public, citizen) complaints away from (elected officials) at every level … into a black hole of ambivalence.” Debi Wagner.

    We agree. The MAC Noise line and the MSP Noise Oversight Committee is also intended to keep overflight comments by citizens or citizen groups away from elected officials — which some local, State and US elected officials here secretly like.

    Complaints by Minneapolis citizens or businesses about overlfights are all taken by the Commission staff as noise or “noise mitigation program.” In fact, the Federal Part 150 Plan was allowed to expire in 2002 when the MAC update deleted the first (citizen input) and third (reduction as the first goal) provisiions. Congress needs to make needed, long overdue change to ensure a healthful environment and respect our property rights .

    Commercial aviation was found to produce 14% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (GFY 2015). Commercial aviation is also the the greatest source of airborne lead in the US and the largest single producer of toxic pollutants in many Congressional districts.

    Overflight emissions are exempted from regulation. Call your Federal Representive and Senators, Legislators, and the Governor. To complain about MSP overflights , citizens in Eagan, Minneapolis and Richfield should call their Mayor Council member, since the Consent Decree applies to noise. All air pollution and other releases of pollution complaints should be made to your MAC Disrict Commissioner (for referral to staff for attention not as noise related, and if there is no response, to the Governor or Mayor who appointed them by District to represent citizens.