Bird Strikes at MSP

THIS WEEK another 'bird strike departing MSP' was reported, but not deemed very important by MSP officials or local news media. This time the aircraft had to return to MSP for repairs. 

LAST WEEK, it was reported that a damaged Delta B757 was photographed on the ground at Chicago Midway Airport. The plane had been chartered by the Oklahoma Thunder NBA team. The head of the Delta Media Office in New York, Elizabeth Wolf, issued a statement that it was "likely" the damage to the radome was caused by a bird strike during the approach to Midway, and then it landed "without incident."

We emailed Delta: Pardon us, but surely she should regard a birdstrike at low altitude an incident

MSP Runway 12R departures often cross low over the Waterfowl Preserve southeast of the airport.  Geese, and cranes are migrating this time of year and eagles are around. 

Speculation was that the chartered aircraft carrying the NBA Thnder team strrck a bird departing MSP damaging the weather radar and consequently flew into a storm en route as reported by the passengers. Pictures of the damage to the radome were taken by passengers and some attributed the hit to passing through a storm enroute.
The Wolf statement from NY was incomplete if not dissembling, and we wondered if there was any evidence supporting the statement  that it was "likely" that the damage occurred during the approach or landing at Midway, such as the cockpit voice recorder or radar data?
We emailed Delta again today, asking for evidence supporting the statement, such as the cockpit voice recorder or radar data?
Various social media reported ambiguously about the time and consequences of the strike, and the Washungton Post wrote about the players' photos.,

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    commented 2017-11-19 08:33:32 -0600
    I received a message of a rumor that there had been weather radar problems during the flight related to the severe turbluence encountered en route. I contacted FAA (Great Lakes Regional Office) asking if there was an FAA investigation. No response to date.

    I messaged the Washington Post reporter and the Delta Media office in NYC asking if there was any information available from FAA, Delta air crew or flight instrumentation confirming the official Delta (Elizabeth Wolf’s) statement that the "likely cause of the damage pictured by Thunder team members was a bird strike “during approach to Midway”. No response to date.

    News about the Flight 2526 incident departing MSP, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport:

    Related story:

    Delta ‘maintenance" reported no damage BUT Delta had reported nothing since Ms. Wolf’s statement that “maibtenance” was looking into it.
    2. Damage like crushed nose cones is usually a ground accident, such as colliding with the jetway or obstacles pulling into the gate. (Referenced passengers’ Tweets about the player’s photos).

    I asked Director Ryks in a voice mail message if MAC had contacts at Delta more willing to look for evidence about when and where the Charter flight damage occurred or any radar damage noted by Delta maintenance at Midway.