Demand a true public meeting on MSP Noise, Safety and Pollution

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    commented 2016-11-22 12:03:10 -0600
    The MSP LTCP was not updated as required by law in 2015. MAC is geting around that by “waiting for the FAA Safety Order on Converging Runway Operations” to settle. MAC is claiming the local air traffic control procedures will soon be “changed” or improved by new technology to allow more arrivals per hour at MSP. So the MAC is planning to accommodate more flights and connecting passengers at the same hours, and the CIP since 2014 has that plan as a basis.

    Runway use has changed again and again since 2010 and flights per day and peak hours have increased. This makes noise maps unlikey to include a block for mitigation. Simply put: the flight routes changes reduce the “annual average daily noise” in most places modeled., anforecasting noised the next year and the year after will be different. For forecasting noise exposure and planniny facilities , the MAC has separate policies: noise mitigation eligibilty depends on changing as well as increasing operations; fcilities expansion is based on a forecast that there will be an increase in flights per day and flights at peak hours eventually.