Meeting with the Governor

Sen. Dibble, Rep. Hornstein and SMAAC President Spensley met last Summer with Governor Dayton's staff aide in what we thought was a topic-setting session for a meeting with the Governor.  When President Spensley returned in May from wintering in Arizona, SMAAC again asked about the proposed meeting. 
Finally on Friday the 13th of July, this year, a different Senior Aide sent "Jim" a message asking about "his" date-and-time availability for a "meeting."  She copied the MAC Government Affairs guy, Mitch Killian. 
So I replied, first taking the request as about my availability as a priavte person: "The Governor is an important and busy person and I can meet with him any time any day with a few hours notice between now and December 15."
I added that if the requested meeting was finally being arranged, the Aide should "suggest a date and time so I could try to clear it with legislators in impacted districts or serving on transportation committees."
Safety risks and lack of transparency: MAC plans to increase hourly flights without knowing the max safe hourly use but hoping for relief from the CRO Order.  They are building facilities with that as a plan, but they are not publishing a forecast orm comprehensive Plan update.
Health and Safety: New routes and procedures for more arrivals per hour are costly for airlines (Delta for sure) and lead to higher O&D fares. Also, more noise exposure and more pollution per airport operation. Low altitude flights at MSP the past 3 years  were longer near MSP than in 2005 with fewer operations and newer aircraft. This produced more GHG,  from more fuel burned less cleanly, per beneficial passenger.  Despite an FAA/EPA Finding of a public health threat from these overflight emissions, MAC has not assessed the impact as significant.
So, we wanted to know if the Governor knew these facts. What do you suppose Mr. Kilian wants?

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