Statement from Rep. Keith Ellison addressing SMAAC Winter Forum

A statement from Rep. Keith Ellison addressing the SMAAC Winter Forum held on 1/7/14.

Dear Friends at the South Metro Airport Action Council,

I want to thank you for the invitation tonight to be at your annual forum but I will not be able to be with you because I am in Washington attending to the press of legislative business. On behalf of the residents of the 5th Congressional District, I send my best wishes and warmest regards to all in attendence.

The South Metro Airport Action Council has been an important and thoughtful ally to the residents of the region impacted by livability issues associated with the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. I would like to thank Jim Spensley for his tireless work for SMAAC and on behalf of the people who live within the flight patterns of the airport. The work of SMAAC and all of the community activists who have brought these important issues to the public's attention has been critical.

I look forward to working with SMAAC and all of our local partners to ensure that our airport remains an important hub connecting the Twin Cities with the world, while still being conscious of mitigating and minimizing the physical, emotional, and livability impacts of airport operations.


Keith Ellison,
Member of Congress

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  • Forum Manager
    commented 2014-02-07 15:00:04 -0600
    It is great to be recognized, along with many other SMAAC workers, by Keith Ellison. We of course try to act locally as well nationally to MSP issues. However, the MAC always seems to mishear or or evade issues brought by the public or elected officials. The RNAV route proposals are a case in point: exactly nothing has yet happened — the FAA is still reviewing PBN routes, with the review complicated by omitting operations toward the west.