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    Q: One likely outcome of the CRO limitation is higher costs (gate leases, landing fees) being passed on to local travelers and Twin Cities visitors or reducing airline service. These O&D passengers are key to economic growth. What do you think we can do to get them involved in the LTCP?
    A: Reducing airline service might be beneficial to quieting the neighborhood and beneficial to climate change. We’re for it! Economic growth isn’t more important than health and the environment. The residents of the city will benefit economically when their real estate doesn’t become worthless because of all the noise and air pollution. You can’t even go outside or hear a conversation. Our neighborhood isn’t worth half of what it should be worth because of the airport.

    MSP LTCP Action Priorities Survey

    Sometime this Spring, the FAA Great Lakes Air Traffic Control Administrator Rebecca MacPherson notified MSP that Converging Runway Operations (CRO) management was being changed for safety reasons: Runway 35 arrivals (NW flow) will be “On Demand.” Also sometime this Spring, MAC re-organized, creating a new division, Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement. MSP was expanded not by adding a new runway, but by mostly abandoning use of the cross-wind runway (R4-22) and constructing a one-way runway (R17-35). 

    The public health and safety of flight operations at MSP has always been associated with peak-use hours. Flight capacity is planned and forecast for twenty years in the Long-Term plan, passengers up to about 50,000 per day, and in about 20 realistic hours/day, 2,500 per hout. But if you plan your airport for 5,000 passengers per hour, it will not be as safe or affordable and fewer passengers are likely.

    How can that obvious and vital point best be raised?  Probably not by the new 4-step, 18-month process beginning with a Stakeholders Advisory Panel (See related News Post).

    We need your help to clarify our goals and your advice on how to effectively attain them.  Please let us know your thoughts and what you are willing and able to do.


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